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7 Key Benefits of regular Tai Chi Practice


In our busy world where most of us have regular desk jobs with an over-emphasis on mental
activity it is no wonder that so many of us are disconnected from our physical bodies.  We tend to live in the head and thus our awareness of our physical body let alone our subtle or energy body is woefully inadequate.  The result is that we are living lives of imbalance and less than optimal well-being.

The practice of Tai Chi has many benefits which can address these short-comings. Specifically, here are the 7 key benefits which will manifest through regular

1.      Balance: All of the 108 movements in Tai Chi require proper positioning of the body in order
to avoid being un-balanced.  There's also a continuous fluidity between the Yin (contraction) and Yang (expansion)

2.      Being Grounded: Since the practitioner is usually barefoot there's a regular connection
between the soles of the feet and the floor or the earth (it's wonderful to do
Tai Chi outside in the park during the summer months). Being grounded in our
feet provides us with strength.

3.      Concentration: Learning and remembering the 108 movements takes concentration and perseverance. If we
allow our mind to wonder we will soon realize that we've missed a move and have
to refocus our efforts again.

4.      Mental Equanimity: In due course of time and practice we are able to relax our efforts and
allow our mind to settle. This greatly improves our Tai Chi flow and this is
why often people refer to Tai Chi as meditation in movement.

5.      Cultivation of Chi or life force: The objective of Tai Chi is to cultivate an increase in Chi
(life force energy). This is accomplished through opening up and manipulating
the subtle energies in our body with each movement.

6.      Memory Cultivation: Remembering the sequence of 108 movements takes time and effort.
Executing them flawlessly requires quick recall and fine-tuning of each move.

7.      Body Awareness: Through the regular practice of Tai Chi we enhance our knowledge of our
bodies. For example, we become aware when our shoulders are tight and need to
be relaxed. We know when we're not doing a movement correctly if there's too
much tension. All muscle groups get exercised during the movements. Our
awareness needs to be fully in the body in order to properly relax and flow
from one posture to the next.

Tai Chi has many rewards to those who are willing to make the effort to explore this powerful
practice. While Yoga has gone main-stream, Tai Chi is still the un-discovered gem
of our time. With no props required and open to all ages, this sublime system
of movements has lots to offer for those curious enough to try.

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